It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James


Bliesner, Jennifer
Bush, Melody
Carroll, Trish
Conrad, Susan
Gilbert, Laurie
Groff, Vernon & Kathy
Gullickson, Terry & Rock
Hawley, Becky
Hewgley, Kare
Hooley, Cheryl
Kuechler, Wayne
Lane, Susan
Lindsey, Anna Mae
Ludeman, Steve
Marsh, Earlean
Morrow, Marcia
Morrow, Steve
Nelson, Kimberley
Platt, Carolanne H.
Ragan, Joan
Rohweder, JoAnne
Smithsted, Pamala
Souders, Vernon Jr.
State, Kathy
Stroh, Rod
Tilton, Caryn
Topliff, Lea
Vann, Debi
Von Struense, Helen
Waddell, Frances & Kerry
Young, Loisann
Zirkle, Linda

Caryn TiltonCaryn Tilton

Watercolor – Photography
phone: 503.572.9628

“One of my favorite artists is Norman Rockwell. Inspired by his ability to capture the common thread in the many quilts of life, I will be launching a new series of watercolors in 2018-Q3, focused on everyday life – capturing those moments and memories that bring a smile to my face and hopefully to yours. If you have special memories that you would like captured, feel free to contact me! Thank you for visiting my gallery.”