It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James

Wy’east & SAT Themed Art Shows

Contact: Marcia Morrow (
(Sandy Actors Theater Coordinator& Wy’east Artisans Guild Volunteer)

*If you wish to have your art considered for the PR material, this must be submitted to Becky Hawley ( AND to the Guild e-mail address ( by these dates.

**Submit Artwork Tag information to Marcia Morrow ( AND Guild E-mail address ( Include Name, Title, Medium, Size including frame and price
(or NFS).
Marcia will also be in charge of the tags.

Additional Policies:

  1. All hanging art to have wire on the back.
  2. Show at your own risk. Items are not insured. All participants will need to sign a waiver when submitting entries. Waiver Form attached.
  3. The Guild does not take a commission, we simply ask artists to show their appreciation for all the good work the Guild does by making a voluntary donation. 20% is a suggested donation, but it’s entirely up to the artist. Consider pricing your work accordingly.
  4. Work may not be removed from the exhibit by the artist. If an item is purchased by someone from out of town, then a piece must go up to replace it within a few hours.
  5. Exhibited work may ONLY be removed by the appointed Guild representative OR the venue representative. If an artist removes their own work before the appointed take-down time they will be barred from exhibiting in the future. This is very important!
  6. The Guild is not responsible for artwork at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to theft, damage or content.
  7. No inappropriate subject matter as children will be attending.

Themed Art Shows and
Artist’s Reception Dates at
SAT 2022 

Things My Mother Taught Me

Reception: Thursday, February 10th at 7:30 pm


Reception: Thursday, May 5th at 7:30 pm

The public is invited to view the Wy’east Artisan’s Guild art shows in the lobby of the Sandy Actors Theatre during play hours. Each show opens on a Thursday at 6:45pm with a reception. After opening, the theater is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:15pm and Sundays from 2:15pm, until closing. The theater is located in Sandy, Oregon behind the Ace Hardware.


Upcoming SAT Plays

Things My Mother Taught Me

02.11.2022 – 03.16.2022

Welcome to Paradise

05.05.2022 – 05.29.2022

For more information go to the theatre’s website:
or call 503-668-6834.

Things My Mother Taught ME

February 11 through March 16

By Katherine DiSavino Directed by Joni Tabler

February 11 thru March 16 (Preview 10th, Tickets $10.00)

Olivia and Gabe are moving into their first apartment together halfway across the country.  Their moving day doesn’t go exactly as planned, and an unexpected visit from both of their parents wanting to help only complicates things more.  This warm and funny play proves the adage that love does indeed conquer all.

Welcome to Paradise

May 5 through May 29

By Julie Marino Directed by Anita Sorel

May 6 thru 29 (Preview 5th, Tickets $10.00)

Elderly widow Evelyn travels to her Caribbean Island home where she meets global vagabond Rory. A relationship blossoms, much to the dismay of her visiting offspring and his family. The play explores the true meaning of relationships and how one between two people who meet as strangers can evolve into something very special.