It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James

About Us

Public Meetings

On the third Tuesday of the month, WAG holds a public meeting featuring an art related program. These programs may include a speaker, demonstration, hands-on project, round table discussion, or a show of work. We produce a program to broaden exposure to art and increase art appreciation in our community. The meetings are a growth opportunity, as we expose the attendees to interesting topics which attracts new members.

Workshops, Classes & Field Trips:

The Workshop Team initiates and sponsors, or leads workshops and classes. Classes and workshops: Silk Painting, Collage, Stained-glass Stepping Stones, Figure Drawing, Beading, Jewelry Fabrication and Block Printing, Raku, Italic Writing and felting. We have taken field-trips to: Portland Museum of Art, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Plein Aire painting, “See The World Through Artist’s Eyes”- walks and other art related events.

Kid’s Outreach:

WAG’s Kids Outreach Team goes into the community to teach arts and crafts to children in schools and other events. WAG not only supplies a free teacher, but finds creative ways to fund the projects. Clearly education of the children is the primary goal, but the members get something of an education from the kids, as well.

Our goal is to support the school curriculum and give the students a chance to make something tangible that they can be proud of. As an example, we gave a talk to 95 students at Firwood Elementary about the pioneers on the Oregon Trail and the challenges they faced. A short discussion of the importance of soap and how it was made was coupled with an explanation of how sheep’s fleece was processed, then the kids wool-felted a bar of soap. This creates a washcloth-wrapped soap the kids could use or give for Mother’s Day. Through donations we are hoping to fund more projects each year.


Members are encouraged to show their work in exhibitions sponsored by WAG and others. Members of WAG are art explorers, art lovers and art supporters who are encouraged to support WAG’S exhibits by hanging the exhibits, doing publicity and generally bringing in the community in. WAG endeavors to enhance the experience and expertise of its members. At our exhibit openings, artists are encouraged to discuss how they are inspired to create their work and talk about their techniques. These talks enliven the art and we hope inspires viewer. We have an annual theme show at the Sandy Public Library and five art shows per year at the Sandy Actors Theatre. The theater shows open with a “preview night” where the artists discus their work and then the attendees are invited to see a preview performance of the latest play. There is no admission charge for these previews, but donations received are used to support our community programs.

Networking Opportunities:

WAG is open to all artists, artisans and art supporters; we have professionals, amateurs and folks who have joined for both, personal enrichment and the love of art. The organization provides a social and educational network to introduce the arts and artists to the community. Acting as a conduit for information, we pass along information about shows, festivals and other resources for artists. WAG’s Newsletter Editor publishes a regular monthly newsletter which is supplemented by special informational emails.

We have worked with the Sandy Actors Theatre and other community organizations, to foster community awareness and appreciation of art. We have potluck picnics, ‘art days’ at members’ homes and a Holiday Party to keep our friends and families connected to our passion for art. These events repeat on a yearly basis.

We have a lending library of art books, as well as lesson plans for art in schools.

Annual Project:

The purpose of the annual project is to raise enough money to expand the other activities of WAG, already listed and to find new ways of fulfilling our mission. WAG keeps the annual membership dues* low to encourage a broad base of community support. We want the community, as a whole to recognize the value of our organization and to feel their donations are wisely spent. * ($15 individual & $20 family)

Solace in Silk 2009-13:

Wy'east Artisans Guild Solice in SilkAs our first Annual Project, the Solace in Silk project was seeded through dues and donations late in 2009. Many volunteers have been active in the program. Hoping to add quality to life through art, WAG members hand-paint silk scarves for donation to chemo-therapy patients in the Mt. Hood corridor. Our original goal was to raise enough funds to supply 50 scarves to patients; we exceeded that goal. This project started in the fall of 2009 and will continue to the extent of donations received.

Wy’east Artisans Guild Wants You to Know…

WAG strives to stimulate interest and appreciation in the arts and crafts in the local communities. We encourage, inspire and create cultural awareness through educational programs, workshops, field trips, exhibits and other public gatherings.

We foster opportunities for interaction between local neighborhoods, business and artists by sponsoring art exhibits and networking events. We show ways art can improve the quality of life and provide personal enrichment.

Our membership is open to anyone interested in promoting art in the Mt. Hood corridor. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.

WAG is a non-profit organization endeavoring to adhere to the 501(C)3 regulations.