It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James

Monthly Meetings

General Meetings

3rd Tuesday of the Month
September through May (Except December)
6:30pm – Exhibitions, discuss their work.
with Business Meeting to Follow.


AntFarm Cafe and Bakery
39140 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, OR
No Meetings in June, July, August and December

Board Meetings

To be Called by President or any Other Board Members, Date and Time TBA

Annual Meeting

In November to Elect New Board Members.

Annual Dues

Due in January
Must be Paid by January 31st to be Included in Roster.
Dues to be Paid to Treasurer, OR sent to PO Box 682, Sandy, OR 97055

Individual – $15.00
Family – $20.00

ArtSmith Presents:

Does Your Frame
Make or Break the Painting?


Presentation on Matting and Framing Artwork

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020
7:00 – 8:30pm


Antfarm Cate & Bakery
39140 Proctor Blvd.
Sandy, OR 97055

Visitors are Welcome!

Wy’east Artisans Guild invites you to a presentation on matting and framing artwork, presented by The Artsmith.
Proper framing can make or break a piece of art, so learn about materials, techniques and considerations for framing.
Golden Presents:

Tools and Techiques

Presentation on Golden Paints

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
7:00 – 8:30pm


Antfarm Cate & Bakery
39140 Proctor Blvd.
Sandy, OR 97055

Visitors are Welcome!

Covers a wide variety of tools and techniques for use in Mixed Media projects. Learn about the wide range of GOLDEN Acrylic paints and mediums, as well as QoR Watercolor, giving you a good understanding of each product and their different attributes. Learn how to make the right choices in grounds and colors for the best intended application and for archival quality. Learn what to put under paint, and how to create washes, stains, and collage. We also cover the use of stencils, paint markers, pastels, and pencils, as well as the creation of encaustic-like effects, and how to use Iridescent and Interference colors to add unique qualities to your work. This is a great place for beginners and experienced artists alike to learn new techniques and be inspired by innovative applications. Attendees will receive a selection of the products discussed to take home and explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN’s professional product line.
Mike Collins Presents:

Scratch Board Art


Presentation on Scratch Board Art

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020
7:00 – 8:30pm


Antfarm Cate & Bakery
39140 Proctor Blvd.
Sandy, OR 97055

Visitors are Welcome!

Scratchboard was a lost art for many years but it is making a comeback. Although scratchboard is no longer a commercial art like it was in the 30s and 40s, it is now considered a fine art. Many oil and acrylic painters have learned to use scratchboard techniques in their paintings. Others are making a living using scratchboard, by doing engravings of animals, flowers and objects. I am not sure how today’s artists learn scratchboard techniques, but if you go on the internet, you will now find artists all over the world who are doing scratchboard art.