It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James

Artists and Art Explorers

Bliesner, Jennifer
Hand Cast Cement Sculptures,

Bush, Melody
Book Excavation

Carroll, Trish

Conrad, Susan
Watercolor, Acrylic Canvas

Gilbert, Laurie
Oil Painter

Groff, Vernon & Kathy
Watercolor, Ceramics

Gullickson, Terry & Rock
Watercolor, Quilting, Leather

Hawley, Becky
Painting, Art Explorer

Hewgley, Karen
Oils and Watercolors

Hooley, Cheryl
Lifetime Member
Textiles, Calligraphy

Kuechler, Wayne

Lane, Susan
Up-Cycled Textiles

Lindsey, Anna Mae
Honory Member
Painter-All Mediums

Ludeman, Steve

Marsh, Earlean
Painter, Drawiing

Morrow, Marcia
Watercolor – Photography

Morrow, Steve
Supporter of the Arts

Nelson, Kimberly
Acrylic on Canvas

Platt, Carolanne
Ceramic, Watercolor, Charcoal

Ragan, Joan
Lifetime Member
Stained Glass, Jewelry

Rohweder, Joanne

Souders, Vernon Jr.
Painter, Pen & Ink, Jewelry

State, Kathy

Stroh, Rod
Digitial Slide Shows, Photography,

Tilton, Caryn
Watercolor – Photograph

Topliff, Lea
Oil & Acrylic Painting

Vann, Debi
Graphic Design, Website Design, Watercolor, Pastels, Acrylics

Von Struense, Helen
Oil & Acrylic

Waddell, Frances & Kerry
Pen, Ink, Watercolor, Etch-A-Sketch

Young, Loisann
Watercolor, Oil & Pastels

Zirkle, Linda