It is ART that makes life, makes interest, makes importance,
and I know of no substitute for the FORCE and BEAUTY of its process.
~ Henry James

2020 Library Spring Theme – ‘What I’ve Read’

Here’s how we will connect to the book theme…
Your artwork will be based on your chosen book. We will print and hang a paragraph, or more, to explain the connection to the viewer.
Here is an example:

Veterinarian James Harriot has written volumes of heartwarming stories about his practice in England, his relationship with animals and his home. Below, he paints us a picture with his words.

“Here among the bracken the thought came to me: that it was the greatest good fortune not only to be fascinated by animals but to know them. Suddenly the knowing became a precious thing.”

“I looked away down in the other direction from the house to the valleys’ mouth, where the hills parted to give a glimpse of the plain below. The endless wash of pale tints, the gold of the stubble, the dark smudges of wood, the mottled greens of the pasture land were like a perfect water-colour. I found myself staring greedily as if for the first time at the scene which had so often lifted my heart…I would come back to it all, I thought as I drove away”….
From: “James Harriot’s Dog Stories” By: James Harriot

From these paragraphs I can see dog portraits, activities and scenes featuring dogs and their people. Or, a painting of the image he paints with his words,”a wash of pale tints…” and so on. You can see that if a thousand artists read the same book, they would have a thousand different paintings!

Find a book!!! Begin you creative process…

We are planning to feature a discussion on this art show in our Annual Meeting on November 19th.

Deadline for Publicity Artwork: TBA
Send jpgs to Vern Groff at
(If your art for this show is ready, please send an image!)

Deadline for Tag Information: Currently unconfirmed, but artists are advised to have it ready ASAP

Take-In: TBA

Library Art Show: TBA

Reception: TBA
Artist’s will speak at 7:00PM
Light Refreshments and Music.


Requirements for participating artists:

  • Must attend 3 out of 6 member meetings before the show (the president can waive this requirement if there’s reasonable cause)
  • Must perform service for the Guild. This includes:
    • Serving on the board or in a committee
    • Volunteering to help with set-up and/or take-down for the show
    • Volunteering to bring refreshments to the regular meetings and/or the art show reception

Space is limited, so not all art may be accepted